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Resources: Brochures

Several of our informational brochures are available — click a link below to download a .doc or .pdf file.

About Meniere’s Resources, Inc. (.doc)
About Meniere’s Resources, Inc. (.pdf)

What Is Meniere’s Disease? (.doc)
What Is Meniere’s Disease? (.pdf)

Diagnostic Procedures (.doc)
Diagnostic Procedures (.pdf)

Surgical Options (.doc)
Surgical Options (.pdf)

Tinnitus (.doc)
Tinnitus (.pdf)

Brain Fog (.doc)
Brain Fog (.pdf)

Triggers (.doc)
Triggers (.pdf)

Migraine Associated Vertigo (MAV) (.doc)
Migraine Associated Vertigo (MAV) (.pdf)

Superior Canal Dehiscence (SCD) (.doc)
Superior Canal Dehiscence (SCD) (.pdf)

Coping with Hearing Loss (.pdf)

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