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Supporting those with Meniere’s Disease and other Vestibular Disorders
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Welcome to Meniere's Resources, Inc.

Meniere's Resources is a non-profit, educational, and charitable organization under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code.  Founded 2006

Our goals are raising public awareness about Meniere's Disease and providing support and encouragement to those suffering from Meniere's or other vestibular disorders.

"Although this site is intended to reach out to others and offer support, comfort and advice; it is no way intended to take the place of examination, diagnosis, opinion, or treatment provided by a licensed and qualified health professional."


There is no known cause, no effective treatment, and no known cure. We believe that by raising public concern about this debilitating disease that increased research funding and studies will find and effective treatment and eventually a cure. 


 "I have always argued that if Meniere's patients walked around with one of their legs in a plaster cast, then there would be more funding for research of the disease, because the public would be more aware of the problem. As patients with Meniere's usually head to their beds, or to the bathroom, the symptoms of their condition are invisible to the public and the disease is therefore ignored." -Dr. Alec Salt, professor in the Department of Otolaryngology, Washington University