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What is Meniere’s disease?

Meniere’s disease is a highly complex illness with no cure and no known causes. It is not fatal but ruins lives all the same. It affects the inner ear and causes a severe disruption in balance, hearing, and quality of life.

Symptomatically, most people experience “attacks” of violent rotational vertigo (feeling like the room is spinning), a feeling of fullness and pressure in the affected ear, loud ringing known as tinnitus, and progressive hearing loss. Many sufferers also report nausea, cognitive impairment (brain fog), fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

Meniere’s disease affects .2% of the population, roughly the same rate of incidence as Multiple Sclerosis. Yet virtually no one has ever heard of Meniere’s disease.

To make matters worse, in the last several decades’ very little progress has been made towards research and development of treatments for this terrible illness.

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